Epping Car Services

AutoPlus Service Centre provides vehicle servicing, inspections, tuning, and diagnostics management by trained qualified mechanics. Loan car is available for clients based in Epping requiring car service repairs.

Car Services from Epping to CBD

Does your vehicle require a basic car service or is it recommended to complete a Log Book Service?

A basic car service is also referred to as a ‘minor’ or ‘general’ service. As a standard, this will include replacing just the filter and engine oil. A number of mechanic checks involved looking at the under body of the vehicle, inside the engine bay such as fluids, brakes, tyres and operation of lighting system. AutoPlus always completes a comprehensive check with all minor car services.

Comprehensive Logbook car service includes a series of scheduled regular car service checks that are recommended by the car’s manufacturer at a particular time or kilometre intervals. Every logbook service may differ depending on a car’s make and model.

Epping Car Services

BMW M3/M4 & M2 Competition Specialists

To learn more about AutoPlus BMW performance and power upgrades visit autoplusracing.com.au


Logbook servicing for all BMW M3/M4 & M2 Competition vehicle car models while retaining factory warranty. Factory approved BMW servicing carried out by performance tuning specialist mechanics.


AutoPlus Service Centre can identify and calibrate your BMW to increase your vehicles power output, speed and vehicle handling. AutoPlus Service Centre offers a wide range of DME and TCU tunes for BMW M3/M4 models.


Experience premium performance upgrades and mods for your engine, tuning, tyres, exhaust plus much more. Utilising parts from renowned BMW performance suppliers, guaranteeing peak performance.


Get premium factory-approved services performed at the highest quality for your BMW. All work completed by professional and trained mechanics specialising in BMW car servicing, tuning and upgrades.


AutoPlus Service Centre can provide BMW restoration and custom fabrication. We offer installation packages for products purchased through the store to ensure your products are correctly fitted.


ECU and TCU tuning upgrades are essential for premium performance. AutoPlus can build your desired car from the ground up, including performance enhancements, upgrades & dyno tuning for both street and race cars.